'Origin Story' T

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DTG print on some premium quality tees



A new sun is rising.  The paths we walk on are untread.  Footprints in fresh snow as we wind our way through white washed eternity.

Our faces are human.  Our origin is in the overlapping helix spiral of dioxyribonucleic acid.  But our future lies in the stars.  In the spirals of plasmatic hydrogen, in the clouds of potential energy, wherein the forms of existance are as infinite as the energy of their proliferation

We walk in eternity. We walk on the shimmering snow of timelessness. We take time in our hurry and waste eons in our pacience. Rumors have been wispered in the dark deselation of motionless space. Rumors of a new consciousness, the glow of the rising sun. And the rise of new consciousness begins today.