The Epic of Relik

The the dawn of Cosmic Consciousness, we write the future of the living Universe.  Through our clothing we write an Epic, a storyline which is both readable and wearable.  With the changing of the seasons, we advance the plot with a tiered clothing line which incorporates visual elements of the story.


The dream of streetwear nerds and avid readers in one.    


3rd Tier - Unlimited Print, Classic garment:  The beginning of the chapter unfolds 

2nd Tier - 100 Print Limited, Classic garment: The middle of the chapter manifests 

1st Tier - 10 Print Limited, Graphic T:  The ending of the chapter reveals itself through an ultra limited graphic


At the seasons end the whole chapter will be posted and revealed and the pieces discontinued. Even if you missed the drop and couldn't get your hands on the limited tiers, the chapter will be available to read and explore.