Whose stories do you tell? 

Relik's story is ever evolving.  It is intertwined with the artists we feature and you, our readers. 

What if I really like someone's art who is no longer featured? 

You can find their story and pieces in our Glossary.  Best of all, check out their website and see what new pieces they are offering!

How often do you release a new Relik Chapter? 

Much like the natural life cycles of nature, Relik will release new Chapters, our in-house streetwear line, at season's change. 

What's the cost of shipping for Relik's Chapter pieces?

We hate paying for shipping.  We won't make you, our readers, pay for shipping. 

How do I become a Featured Artist?

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at with a portfolio, any URL associated with your work, and social media account links! 

Need to contact us for any question about orders, products, or Relik in general? 

Send us an email at  We would be happy to help!