About Relik

Relik's Story

Art is not merely decoration.  Art is bound up in every work of human ingenuity from the mechanical sketches of Da Vinci and the Galapagos fauna of Charles Darwin, to the chrome "T" adorning the hood of the Tesla Model-S.  Art is progression and the driver of cultural evolution.  Art is both the storyteller and the protagonist of the stories of the future.  Art is a Relik of evolution and a Relik of magnetic attraction, putting culture toward the ever complexifying future.  
The threads we weave are dyed with the passion of cultural evolution.  Each artist we feature adds their own pattern to the Relik of this evolving culture.  Popular and visionary, gritty and elegant, refined and decadent, if pushing the envelope of culture is your game, Relik is our name.  Together we write the future.  Relik embraces other stories through our collaboration with other Artists.  Relik's story is being crafted through our Chapters. 


Featured Artist

Our monthly featured showcase allows you to discover new art and fill your life with it.

Relik's Chapters 

Much like the natural life cycles of nature, Relik will release new Chapters at season's change. 

The Authors 

We are Erik and Trey.  Steadfast childhood friends, sociable winter sports enthusiasts, conversationalists, and artists of different natures.  While our mediums may differ, passion for crafting the future runs deep.  The stories of those who push convention and human understanding drive us.  Art is more than decoration, it entwines the story of the growth of the Homo sapiens.  Relik is our way of uniting friends and strangers, through the tales of artistic expression, to shape the future.